Our Team

Ray Sin
Chief Executive Director

The three key overarching areas Ray can help with are; wealth accumulation, wealth protection and retirement planning. On a day to day basis Ray helps his clients put in place a plan to achieve their financial goals.  He is thankful to his clients that they entrust him with this important task and takes great pride in conducting himself fairly, transparently, ethically and professionally.

Samantha Sin
Chief Executive Director

Certified Financial Planner (CFP)13 years experience in Estate Planning & Retirement PlanningVast experience in providing advise and solutions in financial planning. Currently serving mid to high network clientele.

Simon Lee
Executive Director

More than 15 years experience in Life & Medical Protection

Chris Yong
Executive Director

Head of Mortgage & SME SolutionsTo advise and provide financing solution for individual and SMEs.6 years experience in Mortgage Protection & Services

Vivian Sin
Event Director

Diploma in MassComm

5 years experience Event Organizer,

Licensed Tour Guide, Mortgage Specialist and 11 years in Financial Industry.

10 years Award Qualifier

Jazz Khor
Creative Director

BA(Hons) Degree in Interior Design in University of Birmingham. 

In change of all Social Media Network and

With 5 years experience is Personal Wealth Specialist

3 years Award Qualifier

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